Sunday, May 23, 2010


A compilation of sketches.
Mainly done for form, proportion and detail study.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mechanic 2040

A series of props and vehicle designed for the mechanic in the year 2040. I envision that all his tools including the suit and vehicles would be powered by high-pressured gas, without the need of an air compressor; reminisce of the pneumatic tools of modern day mechanics.

Modular Induction PC

Early design project. The idea was to create a Modular Induction PC.

Various components of the PC can be placed onto an induction plate eliminating the hassle of wires. These components, including software, can be purchase as modular blocks with easily recognizable indication of S,M,L,XL either representing speed or storage size.

The screen also functions as a less powerful laptop for mobility.


Environment drawings, done with pen on paper. Both were to be done without characters to avoid distractions and overcrowding.
Though I feel that the train carriage could've been a little more run down.


Plotted reflections. Luckily, objects only needs to be mirrored once on all sides.


An exploded study. G-Tec-C4. That's the pen that I've used extensively for most of my drawings.

Helmets, Skulls, and some Wierd Geometric Shapes

Material Studies, line art was provided.

Unknown Floating Objects

The backgrounds are pictures, the floating cubes and spheres are painted.
The reflections within the chrome sphere had to be plotted. Taking a picture of a small chrome ball just wouldn't cut it; the size of the reflected objects would've been different on a small chrome ball compared to a 1 meter diameter chrome sphere.

Geometric Forms and Depth

Values and Depth studies. No line art provided, geometric forms were plotted.

Digital Paintings

My very first attempt at digital painting. Though they are not exactly Da Vinci, I'm quite happy with the results!

Attack of the Mechanical Animals!

More foundation work. "Plot animals in basic shapes", that was the instruction. Due to the faceted results, I've decided to draw them into mechanical robots.

It'll be cool if they can be made into a series of die cast toys :)

Vehicles Studies

Another old drawthrough studies. This time it's road vehicles.


Very early drawthrough study on WWII Biplanes. It's always fun to look at some old works and see how far we have progressed.

Old School Wire Frame 3D

Foundation works, basic form studies. The task was to draw basic forms accurately, I just thought making them into vehicles and spaceships would be more interesting.

Reminds me of those early days 3D computer models.